“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make difference.”


The sustainability challenges we face are massive, impacting every aspect of our lives and all of our investments - our energy, transport, agriculture and natural capital systems, plus our built environment and our social infrastructure. As a long term investor or a company focused on your continuing profitability, you are increasingly aware that future challenges and opportunities will come from new directions. The old way of working is not enough. 


Change is happening at a rapid pace, new technologies, rules, regulations, and social norms. There is a lot of information and data out there on the transitions, probably too much for most people to absorb sensibly. And not all of it helps you with your investing decisions, and little of it is independent.  You want independent information and analysis, filtered to focus on your specific needs, to help you navigate the sustainability transitions. The better the transitions are understood, the more meaningful your investments can be.   


You want less noise, and more context. You want thematic and strategic advice, informed and curated news flow, plus support with the why of your investing, and help making your engagement more meaningful. You need a trusted advisor who is not trying to sell you something, someone who takes the time to explain why the change is happening, what can be done, and what the opportunities, risks, trade-offs and compromises are. Plus, you need to be able to communicate your decisions, to your stakeholders and your investors. There is no silver bullet pain free route. 

Our aim is simple, to provide you with the understanding you need to make better sustainability transition related investment decisions.

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