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A different approach to sustainable investing

The sustainability transitions are not only going to have massive impacts on our environment and our societies, they are also going to dramatically change investing. We need to think differently. Its partly a longer term approach, but we also need to become more thematic, recognising that there is no one simple pain free solution that fixes all of our problems.


The challenges and their solutions are complex and interconnected. We need to change how we make investment decisions, what outcomes we are hoping to achieve, what consequences might arise  from our investment, how we engage with the companies we are invested in an with our financial stakeholders, how we communicate our objectives, and where we expect future financial returns to come from. Its easy to deliver say low carbon portfolios, but will that really make a difference in the real world. Plus, there is a real risk that a disorderly climate transition will result in materially lower financial returns. And these issues apply across all investments, in your own business, in funds, in public and private equity, and in debt. 


This all means we need to think more deeply about the risks, and what returns we should expect from our new investments, impacting our ability to reward our investors, fund our retirement, pay for our children's education, and preserve and maintain our capital. 


The outcome is not yet fixed. Investors can play a part in profitably building a better future, but we need to start now. Doing the same thing and expecting a better outcome is no longer an option.


Sustainable Investing is a combination of specialists that together bring the range of skills and experience you will need to navigate the sustainability transitions. To learn more about how we can help you change the way investment decisions are made- contact us via this form.

Our aim is simple, its to provide you with the understanding you need to make better sustainability related investment decisions.

Sustainable Investing Partners

We are a mixture of permanent partners together with those who collaborate on specific projects

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Tekapo Advisors provide bespoke thematic and strategic advice on the sustainability transitions to asset owners and their teams (consultants, asset managers and brokers). Our focus is on those investors with truly long term time perspectives. Through your investing actions, you have the power to make a difference and still deliver a fair financial return. The better the transitions are understood, the more meaningful your investments can be. Our aim is simple, it's to provide you with the analysis and understanding you need to make better sustainability related investment decisions.

Curation is passionate about promoting and helping to deliver positive change in all things ESG. We specialise in providing the business-specific clarity and intelligence you need to enable deeper understanding of the issues that matter most – and the implications for your business. Dedicated subject matter experts ensure you get the  insights, analysis and proactive ESG advice you need. Together, we can deliver the difference for your business.

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Intrinsic Labs supports organisations and leaders all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges. The company is led by Sharath Jeevan OBE, one of the world's leading experts on re-igniting our inner drive (intrinsic motivation). His ground breaking book "Intrinsic" has received glowing endorsements ranging from leading smart-thinking writers like Dan Heath and Nir Eyal, to business and education leaders to the former Prime Minister of Greece.

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